Volunteering in the Royal Parks

The Royal Parks has worked with volunteers for many years. Volunteering contributes significantly to the services that are offered to the public.

Volunteers help with mobility services for people who have difficulty visiting the parks, educational activities, guided walks in the parks, gardening and wildlife conservation.

Opportunities for volunteering in the Royal Parks are extensive. Each park offers a unique environment and a rich historical background which widens individual understanding, knowledge and involvement in the local community.

The Royal Parks volunteers are able to develop a wide range of skills, such as community education, gardening, wildlife conservation.

The volunteering video features a Royal Parks volunteer, Dave Carpenter, who has sadly passed away. We would like to thank Dave for all of his time and effort spent in the Royal Parks helping to make them more enjoyable for the public.

Become a Royal Parks volunteer

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Volunteering opportunities

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Meet a Royal Parks volunteer

Meet a Royal Parks volunteer and find out what they've been doing and what they've learnt during their time volunteering in the parks.