Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project

The Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project has been awarded £4.5million from the Heritage Lottery and Big Lottery funds under their ‘Parks for People’ programme. Additional support from The Royal Parks and match-fundraising with the local community will enable this important project to go ahead.

Brompton Cemetery is one of the oldest designed Grade I garden cemeteries in the country and is home to unique and historic monuments including its picturesque chapel, which was designed in a similar style to the setting around St Peter’s in Rome.

The £6.2 million conservation project will see the cemetery undergo a major facelift to help recreate the vision that Benjamin Baud and John C Loudon originally designed in 1840.

To protect the future of this historic and nationally important Brompton Cemetery, the Royal Parks Foundation needs to fundraise another £250,000. Find out how you can help their Brompton Cemetery Appeal.

The project aims to reflect the needs of a wide range of visitors while protecting the wildlife and conserving the unique character of the garden cemetery.

The Conservation Project involves:

  • Redevelopment of the North Lodge with information centre, shop, WCs and cafe
  • Restoration of the Chapel, Central Colonnades and Catacombs
  • Conservation of historic landscape, buildings and monuments
  • Wildlife conservation to maintain and improve existing habitats, ecology and biodiversity
  • Community engagement and access improvements
  • Volunteers helping to conserve and interpret the cemetery
  • Financial sustainability with enhanced visitor facilities and funerary business

To find out more details about the project, view the Full Planning Application Documents on the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea website.

If you would like to help support the Conservation Project you can make a donation by visiting the Royal Parks Foundation website or by calling 0207 036 8040.

Project consultation

We worked closely with cemetery visitors, local residents and stakeholders to understand how they use the cemetery and the feedback we received from the consultation activities has helped shape the Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the Project Proposals via our visitor survey questionnaire, which closed on 17 October 2014.

There were 381 completed questionnaires submitted as part of the 2014 Visitor Survey, while the three day exhibition in July was viewed by over 600 people (that's over double the visitors received in a similar exhibition in 2013).

Responses to key issues included:

  • 69.1% agreed or strongly agreed with a sensitively designed visitor centre in Brompton Cemetery.
  • The use of stone emerged as the most favoured architectural material to be used for such a building.
  • The majority of respondents agree or strongly agree with the siting of public toilets, a cafe, information centre and volunteer facilities in the north lodge.
  • Wildlife and ecology is consistently being identified as the most important part of the project.

During the exhibition held in July, over 200 people identified the following areas as priorities for the project:

Wildlife and ecology


Monument conservation


North lodge extension


Chapel restoration and community use


Central catacombs/colonnade conservation


Western catacombs conservation


If you would like to find out more about the consultation results, view the full Brompton Cemetery 2014 Visitor Survey Report (PDF 1247.87 KB).

Please contact us if you would like to be kept up to date with developments or would like to volunteer at Brompton Cemetery.

Phone: 0300 061 2000
Write to:

The Royal Parks Brompton Cemetery Chapel
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